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Attentive Reading

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In this post I will talk about how to read with attention.

You can't get concentrated if you are listening to music, because you pay more attention to the music you are listening than to what you are reading. If you listen to classical music is better than if you listen to pop, rock or any other type of music, because classical music is a little bit more relaxing and it has no words, so you can't get distracted from your reading. 

Another way is to don't have any mobile or digital pad in your desk, because you can distract yourself by using them. 

The third way is to read in a room without noise, because it can make you decentralize from your reading. 

The last way is to don't have anything around you moving or flying, and you have to be relaxed an focused on your reading.

So, that's all. I hope you enjoyed this, see you in the next post!

How to take notes

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In this post I will talk about how to take notes.

The first thing you have to do is listen when the teacher is going to explain and write the important things in a notebook or a paper. The sentences have to be brief and schematic. You have to understand what the teacher is explaining. And, if you have a question, you can consult the teacher later. You can complete the notes with information of the book. And you can write annotations too. You have to review your notes to check that you understand all the information. If you follow all this tips, you will improve your studying.

So, I think this is all. I hope you enjoyed this advices, see you in the next post!

How I study

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In this post I will talk about how I study.

I like to be attentive in class so then, when I study at home, I don’t need to study so much. I also like to take notes in class and underline important things that probably will appear in the exam. 

At home I like to read what I am studying, so it stays in my head. Then, I study with my mother. I say what’s in the book and she listens to me. When I say something wrong, she tells me what I am saying wrong, and I repeat what I was saying.

I don't like to do summarys or outlines, but I think it would be a better way to study that cram all the book and then, in the exam write all I now and forget it all the next day. 

But, I hope this will be helpful for you, see you in the next post!

Presentation of the blog

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This is my blog, MiriamWT. My name is Miriam Wu. I'm twelve years old, and I live in Rubí, a small city located in the Vallès Occidental. I live with my mother, my sister, my dog, my bird and my guinea pig. My favourite hobby is ride horses. The horse I ride it's called Pimienta, and I love him a lot. My favourite subject is biology, I found it very interesting.

And in this blog, I will post things about how to improve your studying, how I study, how I will improve my study, and more things that I will explain in the future.

I hope you enjoyed the presentation, see you in the next post!